For excellent sliding, lubricating and wear properties

The electrodeposited yellow or red bronze is characterized by excellent sliding, lubricating and wear properties with excellent corrosion protection. For this reason, parts for mine and tunnel support as well as guide and bearing parts for mechanical engineering are mainly coated with bronze.

The bronze coating is approved for mining products.

An alloy electrolyte requires a particularly intensive analytical effort, which we can provide with our partner LB Oberflächentechnik. The examinations of the bronze layers show a very pure and uniform alloy structure.

A strong partnership

The Baaske Oberflächenveredlung GmbH and the
LB Oberflächentechnik GmbH are your specialists for galvanic surface finishing with the processes hard chrome, electroless nickel, bronze, copper and combination coating with corresponding mechanical pre- and post-processing.


  • Fine crystalline and smooth
  • Alloy of 80-90% copper and 10-20% tin
  • Hardness of the electrodeposited bronze is 320-400 HV
  • Interior and exterior coatings are possible.
  • Steel parts are always undercoated.
  • excellent sliding, lubricating and wear properties
  • excellent corrosion protection

Sizes + Dimensions

A wide range for your product



Max. Diameter

800 mm

Max. Component length

1.700 mm

Max. Coating length

1.700 mm

Max. Weight *

1.000 kg

* Maximum weight including device.


  • Max. Diameter: 800 mm
  • Max. Component length: 1,700 mm
  • Max. Coating length: 1,700 mm
  • Max. Weight*: 1,000 kg

* Maximum weight including device

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